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Metaverse Architecture Biennale

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**Pitched roof house **

Folded concrete


ARTISANT x MAB long-sleeve



Will check this collection now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

House - Make sure the character is fully rigged so the arms move and fix weighting to minimize the clipping.
Concrete - Make sure there are no flipped normals
Ziggurat and ARTISANT long sleeve - Make sure youre using the right armature and not apply any tranforms after rigging.
Boggart - Make sure the character fits under the 2.4 width and 1.4 depth limit.

Can we revoke it now @Zino?

The house is very strongly “inspired” by a Craig Green collection

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Please also change the house wearable to avoid IP issues.

Hi @Yannakis and the Community!

Boggart - fixed

House - The hands are attached to one of the bones of the spine intentionally, so that they do not penetrate (there was no clipping) through the structure.

Concrete - All normals are checked, the screening is fixed, perhaps the reason was in it. The skeleton has also been replaced.

Ziggurat and ARTISAN long sleeve - Replaced fittings.

Boggart - fixed

We changed House and Ziggurat to avoid IP issues.

Wish you a nice one from Metancy team.

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House and concrete - one of the rules for wearable creation is that the items whould be fully weighted to the armature which means the arms have to move freely
Concrete - flipped normals or gap at the bottom that needs to be fixed
Boggart - Still over the size limit
Ziggurat and Artisan - Still have weighting issues that make them not visible in-game
You can test the items in-game too by clicking “See in Decentraland” on the top of the collection page so you dont have to wait for my feedback each time.


Hi @Yannakis and community!

Bogart -the tail fixed and now it doesn’t extend beyond the border

House -the name changed to “suprematism in the building” and almost completely changed the design. Now the structures do not restrict movement and the original concept had saved.

Ziggurat - redesigned

Folded Concrete - skinning directed, topology added, geometry on shoes added.

Artisan - fixed

Thank you for waiting from the Metancy team, we will add 3 new costumes soon

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Concrete arms are still not weighted. Make sure they move freely.
Ziggurat - Just need to make the inside of the top part double sided
Atisant - Some clipping at hips area

Hi @Yannakis and community!
Please explain what is meant about “Concrete”. The model is designed without hands, we cannot add weight for hands, they are not provided :slight_smile: We like the effect obtained when the character moves. All other problems mentioned earlier have been fixed. The normals are checked, the gap in the lower part of the model is eliminated.

Hey @m4rios, this is a rule found in the Decentraland Wearables Documentation:

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We have heard and carefully considered your words about the woman in concrete and decided to remove this wearables.

In this regard, we ask you to approve the remaining wearables for which we have corrected everything with your help. Tomorrow we will start publishing the next batch.
Thanks from the Metancy team🙏

Unfortunately there’s no way to approve part of a collection so all items published in it should be ready for approval…

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Hi @Yannakis.
Wehave completely replaced the design of the woman in concrete with a new one, now the first collection is complete.
Thanks for your attention🙌

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-Just some clipping on this shirt for female. Male is good!
-For ziggurat please also add eyewear, helmet and mask to override since these categories will clip with the wearable.
-For thumbnails make sure to move the logos to the bottom right like shown:

Hello, @Yannakis.
All these comments have been corrected
Thank you for your attention :raised_hands:

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Logos not placed in the correct area and Ziggurat should only display the wearable included.

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