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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

This is good to go, can you please update to hides: eyewear, helmet and possibly hat?

Once done I can approve~
Thank you!

Oops can I also request you tone down the thumbnail a little. Currently it’s quite busy and should just be a clear image of the wearable~

Ok, I’ve changed the hides.

But “just a clear image”? Can you please specify? This is a 1:1 front render of the wearable with some logo text added for a representative thumb to highlight it. What exactly shall I change? Smaller text?

Possibly just zoom out a little of the model. Currently it is covering 1/3rd the helmet ~
I would recommend making the type smaller but that’s up to you. No pressure.

Ok, here is a zoomed out variant with smaller text, already uploaded.

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This is approved, thank you!

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