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METASTAR - Pink Leopard fur coat

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METASTAR- Pink Leopard fur coat

Hey, this looks identical to an existing item. Please change the design. Leopard fur coat - Decentraland Marketplace

Hello @Yannakis I just went to see it looks like it but I don’t have the same color there are details of the chain that I don’t have, and the stains are bigger is this really a problem? What should I do to restart a new wearable?

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Thats not allowed so youd have to make a wearable from scratch and replace the file in the builder

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hello, Yannakis I made some creations on my side yesterday but many were too similar to the creation that you showed me or did not please me.

I’m going to start on something totally different, and think about it carefully so as not to rush. Is there time in front of me or do I have to create quickly? Thank you and good day

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No time limit @MorningstarDCL

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Hello @Yannakis, I updated the wearable, but I can no longer change the name of the collection, thank you !

Unfortunately the collection name cant be changed. Collection approved!

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