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Metaskins X Holy Ones Sign Guy

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Metaskins X Holy Ones Sign Guy


double texture material and triangles.
I hope it is approved by that date.22.2.22 :grinning:
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Looks dope! Loved it!

taking a look at it now!

Looks really cool just make sure to replace hair, facial hair, head, eyewear, mask, helmet. Also I think the glasses have some flipped normals. Let me know when you fix it by tagging me here!

Hey @Yannakis Fixed!

Awesome, will check and approve asap!

@Yannakis appreciate that!

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Have you pushed the changes? Still seeing the previous version.

Yes just replaced everything you said, do I need to do something about the glasses? Thanks!

They are invisible because of flipped normals let me know when you have it fixed

Our team will be fixing in morning for both wearables! Thanks again!

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@Yannakis This has been fixed too Thanks!

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Looks like you also hid the lower body and feet

As yes my bad did it as a skin, done now! @Yannakis

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Awesome! Just a final fix. Can you do all these as hides instead of replace because the head and hair are still visible

Also female waist line has some clipping issues


got it! I am ettin this message!

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have you seen anything like this?