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MetaRay Suit

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@michi ,If possible, please keep this in mind so that I can notify you after it is completed for review. Thanks

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hello Mr. @michi , The completed file was uploaded. please check it . Thankful .

best regards

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Hey, just getting a second opinion from the committee on logo and guns before approving~
Other than that it looks good!

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Hello @michi , thanks for your check, Should I personally request the second opinion from the committee or can you request it for me?

@michi , I am waiting for the committee’s feedback. As much as possible, I designed the gun to look like a toy so that there would be no problem.

Yeah, you don’t need to worry about tagging anyone! Just waiting for some feedback and confirmation to avoid anything later and you know it’s all good haha
All curators are on different timezones so sometimes takes a hot minute~

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