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MetaOptics Helmet X1


This looks really nice. love the whole futuristic vybe :ok_hand:t3:

This is so sick, love the optic affect, really nice helmet.

Nice helmet good work, love the aesthetics, is it possible to see from all angles?

Beautiful helmet! I noticed that the hair sticks out through the helmet. I suggest you should hide the hair

yes this is due to the design of the helmet, As it is designed to be extremely fitted around the measurements your your avatar’s head.

At this moment in time this can be resolved by simply Hiding the hair, however i do believe, Decentraland will fix this issue in the future.

This is Our Collection, Hope You all Like it :slight_smile:

This helmet is fire​:fire::fire:

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beautiful helmet, i’m loving the Optic feature, really nice, Fair play

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Dope Helmet Bro Hope to see it on the market! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for your patience, I’m going to review this item now

I really like this helmet design hope it functions well :slight_smile:

@MetaOptic the helmet looks neat however in order for me to approve this item ou will need to add the hat category to replace and the hair to the hide section, let me know when you do that and I will review this item again

Thank you very much for your reply Lauretta, I have added the helmet to the hat category and the hair to the hide section now :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: lots more coming

Appreciate it :smiley: it’s working perfectly now. Fingers crossed on approval

Thanks a lot @MetaOptic sorry for the confusion I reread my message and wasnt very clear I meaned to say that you had to add the hat categoty to the replace section the helmet one was correct sorry again for the confusion

no problem, i have the made the changes now, thank you @Lauretta :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot @MetaOptic , approved !

Thank you very much @Lauretta Really appreciate it :slight_smile: