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Metamoon led

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Futuristic style led headphones

Will check this wearable now!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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Looks like there are some flipped normals and strap needs to be made double sided

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When I try it on open editor I have no problem, why you have problem, here are the pictures

Hello, this is my collection, I don’t have the same problem as you when I open it on decentraland’s open editor, here are the pictures, it doesn’t display properly in yours? Cordially

Unfortunately backface culling isn’t enabled in the editor but if you click “see in world” on top of collection page you’ll see the issue. Let me know if you need help on how to fix it!

Good evening, I would like some help but it will be tomorrow if you don’t mind because I am in France and here it is 3 am, I will come back to you tomorrow, please do not publish it suddenly because it is my first product, thank you in advance

Especially do not publish it, I want to solve this problem, cordially

Hello, I come back to you regarding the product, you can rather cancel it and send me the money, in order to explain to me first how to check the product before its publication, regarding my product, indeed there is a problem at the angles, how to solve the problem thank you and sorry for this incident

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Hey! Please make sure to tag me here when you respond so i can see it.
You can enable face orientation in blender so you can see which faces are facing the right way(blue) and which the wrong way (red). You can then select the red faces and hit Alt+N and then “Flip”. You can then go back to builder and replace the file so I can approve

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Thank you, I’m new to decentralized but also on blender, I think I understood the problem and your explanation, so I’m going to modify that, on the other hand how to send the product back to you and finally how to test it in the world before sending it, I I tested my previous product and I saw the problem, it is very professional to have raised it anyway?

I made the modification that you asked me, how do I send it back to you?

You can go to the collection page on the builder, select the item and modify it

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thank u, I’m going to do that and check it out in the world for once

You tell me that I delete it and I recreate the product, sorry but it’s the first time I post and I don’t really want to make mistakes

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Sorry I found thank, i am testing it in the world

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