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Hello will check this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Mask category has 500 tris limit.
You can reduce tris count or add wearables overrides > helmet.

  • Remove “mask” from wearable override
  • Add “facial hair” to wearables override
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Hey @fabeeobreen , we have done the change following your suggestion, please check! thank you!

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Hello @MetaDogeisme !
Please add helmet to wearables override

Hi @fabeeobreen, can we override other things like hairs? There is one helmet wearable that we will publish that will match with this wearble.

I would suggest reducing the wearable to 500 tris, if that’s not possible you can override other parts: hair or tiara + earring @MetaDogeisme

thank you for your suggestion, we have already remove the facial hair, so we just need to remove one more, for example , hair ? please let me know if i am correct, cheers

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yes that will work @MetaDogeisme

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bravo, done editing, feel free to check again!

@fabeeobreen sorry forgot to tag

Collection approved!

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thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

@fabeeobreen hey there, i made a typo in the name of this wearbale, and already update it, would you be willing to have a check pls!

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collection approved!

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thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot!