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Metal Mania Emote

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Stoney Metal Mania

collection seems to be missing in curation tab, can you open page with your collection please? this issue happens when publisher close window with collection after publishing too fast

@theankou is it showing now?

looks like it’s not …

@theankou I opened it in editor. What else should I try?

The collection has been assigned to theankou

@theankou I just added another tag and hit save maybe that pushed it through

well,looks like yes, i’m approving collection now :slight_smile:

@theankou TY so much :smiley:

collection approved :slight_smile:

Bless @theankou I just updated this to be on loop. When you get a sec if you could push changes that would be awesome. TY :pray:

collection re-approved!

@theankou Hey sorry I updated it to be a real loop. I didn’t understand that it would go back to default pose every time. Now its a true loop TY so much bless can you please push changes :pray:

collection re-approved!

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