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Metakey x

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The Metakrew T-shirt

The Logo T-shirt

The Metakey Longsleeve

The Asterius Hoodie

The Keymaster Hoodie

The Ultimate Hoodie

The Captain Hoodie

The Artifact Hoodie

** The Genesis Hoodie**

hi i will review this now

Hi @Sango! Johnny from Uniqly here, fyi we have all the rights to The Metakey and branding, its our mutual collection :slight_smile:

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have you submitted any thing regarding this collab to before?

The collection has been assigned to Sango

not yet, I can if its necessary, however I’m a bit worried that legal process will slow down the collection approval :confused: Each item corresponds to the phygital collection we did together here - (the link guides to their store) so you have 100% certainty that The Metakey agrees for their branding usage, hence its their store. But if I have to send some legal docs, I will :slight_smile:

if you could do that it’d be great. it will slow the process down a little but it will be done by tomorrow so it wont take too long

Sure, I understand :slight_smile: Can you check the technical side of the wearables in the meantime?

yes i am doing, just done the male side of them all and everything is okay so far

oh spoke too soon
some clipping on all the tshirts

on the female hoody there is some clipping when dancing at the bottom

@Sango please take a look, should be all fine now :slight_smile:

This collection has been approved

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hi @Sango! I would like to increase rarity of one of the wearable, do I have to submit new item under new collection?

Im afraid this isnt possible. we cannot accept duplicate models nor can the rarity be changed on a collection once approved