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Metafox Crew 1st Anniversary

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Metafox Kitsune Spirit

Hi! I will review this collection

add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring
  • tiara
  • hat
  • mask
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The collection has been assigned to theankou

hi @theankou!
categories added, thank you!

collection approved! ~

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Hi @theankou
some users ask us:
thank you, love these masks
is there any way you can edit them, remove the HIDE earrings and tiara option
they hide my weapons in KoA

Is it possible? I thjink it will be great to have less hided part
our old mask have just HEAD and HAIR

also for this one:

Why hide those categories, a lot of games use them for weapons and other items, when using this mask I cannot see my weapons, please do not hide them

Hi! Sorry, but this is not possible

I’m sorry @BaconGrease but thanks for the support! :fox_face: :heart: