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Metafox Crew 1st Anniversary

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Metafox Kitsune Spirit

Hi! I will review this collection

add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring
  • tiara
  • hat
  • mask
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The collection has been assigned to theankou

hi @theankou!
categories added, thank you!

collection approved! ~

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Hi @theankou
some users ask us:
thank you, love these masks
is there any way you can edit them, remove the HIDE earrings and tiara option
they hide my weapons in KoA

Is it possible? I thjink it will be great to have less hided part
our old mask have just HEAD and HAIR

also for this one:

Why hide those categories, a lot of games use them for weapons and other items, when using this mask I cannot see my weapons, please do not hide them

Hi! Sorry, but this is not possible

I’m sorry @BaconGrease but thanks for the support! :fox_face: :heart:

So weird that other HELMETS do not hide these categories yet you say its not possible…not possible to edit after publishing or not possible period? Even these new fox masks dont hide the TOP HEAD category, so there is no reason to hide EARRING and TIARA.

I believe this is a thing that needs to be put up for discussion between all of curators. Because as i noted, some of them don’t follow rules of asking to hide things. Thats their fault and not mine :wink:

The rules need to be changed then, do not hide any of the accessory categories…let the user decide what looks right or not.