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**FannyPackZebra **

**FannyPackGoldAlligator **

**FannyPackSilverAlligator **

Reviewing these now!

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Looks great! All approved!

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Hi @grimey thank you for the super quick approval. I have just changed my thumbnails in the market place for all of the above bags - could I please trouble you to re-approve them? You caught me off guard with the quick approval (I’m not complaining though!). Cheers.

No prob! Should be updated now.

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Amazing thank you so much.

@grimey I am sooooo sorry but I didn’t realise that every little change I make in editor requires approval (insert face palm). I have just put spaces in between the names of each fanny pack in the editor - could I please hassle you to re-sync the fanny packs pretty please :slight_smile:

No prob, should be updated now! Cheers.

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OMG you saved me @grimey
Thank you soooo much!

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