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MetaDrip - Rebirth

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MD Rebirth Helmet

MD Rebirth Jacket

MD Rebirth Pants

MD Rebirth Sneakers


Soooo excited. Rebirth done and ready to go! :purple_heart: :umbrella:

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speechless! Such a sick concept <3 congrats metadrip on your new collection!!

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Crazy concept!

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Sheesh! I need this set asap! :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

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LFG!! Super excited for this release…It looks AMAZING!!! <3 @MetaDrip

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:star_struck:u can use glass shader for back depot and emission shader for some Purple and orange parts.+under shoes.pls share some screen shots.

Taking a look at the collection now!

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Everything looks great! Could you make the shoes a bit lower or wider so they dont stick out of the pants? Let me know when you push the changes by tagging me here!

Hello Yannakis, :slight_smile:

Ok thank you, on it right away. BRB

Hi Yannakis,

All done.

Also noticed you don’t have a female representation on the upper and lower body which causes clipping issues. Let me know when youve added those!


So strange, male and female were both added from the beginning. Can you walk me through what is needed to be done please?

You should select only one body type and then click the 3 dots on top right of screenshot and select "Add female/male representation depending on what you first uploaded.

Hi Yannakis,

Corrected it, kindly check it please.

Collection approved!