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MetaDrip Infusion Sneakers

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MetaDrip Infusion Sneakers


:o** - FIXED! Amazing, wonderful job! <3

Hey @MetaDrip ! How are you?

The shoes are clipping a little bit with the lower leg. Is it suppose to be like that?


Hello Shibu, so sorry for late response. They are suppose to be that way, yes. These have been approved already.

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Hello, we applied for a quick name change of the Infusion Sneaker from “MetaDrip Infusion Sneakers” → “MD Infusion Sneakers” so that it fits with the rest of the collection when searching items. Can the name change be approved please :slight_smile: and thank you. <3


+1 for the name changed so it fits the rest of the collection!

You would need to push the changes @MetaDrip to change the name!

We did push the changes, been under review this whole time.

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 10.49.17

I still see the leg clipping with the shoes :frowning: @MetaDrip