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Hello! Will review this now.

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Looks like normals on the right boot are flipped, fix for approval.


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Thank you for your checking.
I just uploaded the data again. If there is still the problem, we will fix them immediately again🙇

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Hello! The issue is still there:


We apologize for the inconvenience.
We have made the correction now, so please check again🙏

The normals are ok now!

Just one more thing I noticed - consider rigging upper part of the boots to ankles a bit to avoid such clipping, as seen on the attached screenshot, It loos ok with pants, but with shorts and skirts the clipping is quite obvious:

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We have replaced the data, please check again🙇‍♂️

Hey, clipping is still present. Don’t forget to test the fixes on the Ropsten testnet for finetuning.


Hello, please help me to solve this problem.

when importing sneaker it starts clipping,when animation starts
I understand that the problem is precisely because this sneaker is hi top and it does not work correctly, or the 3d artist is doing something wrong.

There were attempts to scale sneakers, paint weights, make a single mesh
none of this helped unfortunately.



Such a design won’t look fine with every lower body wearble around here - and that’s ok. First of all, rig it as best as possible for all kinds of leggings and bare avatar legs, so that there is no clipping in those cases. You might also consider making the top as wide as possible (or as narrow as possible) beforehand, though it might not be the good thing for the design overall.

All in all it’s all about playing with weights, that’s it. If I did this, I’d rig the top 2-3 vertex loops strictly to the ankle, all other vertices - to the feet and then would start finetuning.


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We have made the correction, please check back with us​:man_bowing::pray::pray:

Hello, collection approved!

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