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Meta Pet Two

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**My Baby Dragon **

  • Description: Just an overload of Cuteness Hovering perfectly over head!
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: top_head

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@Shibu @SteveScott @Malloy @Chestnutbruze @vrglitch @Lauretta

Can we Make Sure that this one has a Blue Check on OpenSea my last couple of NFTs are missing the blue check and wont sell very good on OpenSea! Thank you so Much for all your hard work!

@Lauretta this is my second Meta Pet what do you think?

so cute I will review it as soon as I can

so small and cute, maybe you will have to move it a little higher in case of big helmets but everything seems in order I will approve it @mrmookie

Good day

a question, is there a system who is reviewed first? there are collections that have not been viewed for several days and again those that were approved after a few hours.
Or do you now have to mark the committee as already seen.

Do not think that this is the goal.

Kind regards


hey @Caststupider , thanks for expressing your concerns, will try to reach older submissions on these days since they were such a crazy days, again thanks for your patience cheers


Due to Popular demand plus addition skills and knowledge. I make the Dragon Bigger and cuter! you can see it way better now @Lauretta I love it! What do you think?

@Shibu this one is on a bigger scale. everything else is the same.

sorry on the delay @mrmookie approved!

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