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Merman Dress by r.l.e & DigiFun

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Merman Bag by r.l.e & DigiFun

Merman Dress by r.l.e & DigiFun

hi! checking collection now! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I recommend you to merge both models and update your first wearable collection, use upper_body category with lower_body category listed in hiding list, and for second wearable collection you can do anything else, like feets/hair/eyes

I do believe that you wanted people to be able to mix this pieces separately, right now as separated pieces, wearables overlap with 90% of standard wearables, and that way, i cant approve them. As well as second piece (dress) do not match with lower_body category, i will be able to apprive collection only if you will use my recommendation from above (1) :+1:

  1. Also, can you add something like underpants on hip part and bra for chest part? We don’t approve collections that contain mature content (check documentation)

By the way, if you will get confused about collection updates, just letting you know that - you can update wearable collections that you published without paying any fees :slight_smile:

  1. Can you send IP rights confirmation to this address:
    thank you! :+1:

Hi,@theankou, already upload new versions. pls check the model, if everything is ok i will upload new thumbnails. About IP right, I am the founder if rle. If anything I need prove pls tell. Looking forward to hearing u soon.

Hi! Sent IP rights here:
What about wearable, seems fine,

  • please add thickness to bag

  • on corners set bones weights to 1 on hip bone for dress upper_body (same for dress lower_body) :
    sometimes it overlaps with body when you walk

Hi @theankou , new versions has been upload, and IP right already sent to pls check. If anything need to fix pls fell free and let me know.:heartpulse:

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collection approved!