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Mermaid’s Tale by regijelly

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Mermaid’s Tale

Hi, Reviewing and testing now!

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Cool tail! However, can you shorten it a bit, please? With some animations it goes under ground :slight_smile:

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Hi! Good eye! I’ve fixed this issue by making the tale smaller and folded a bit. But when I upload the file to my collection, there is a problem: I only can add one representation and don’t have a button to add the second one. So I’ve uploaded the one I edited (male), could you please advise me what to do next? Thanks! And thanks for such a quick review!

Hi! Try this! :slight_smile:

Learning new every day :sweat_smile: Thanks! Now it’s ready, I’ve added both representations

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I tested updated collection in world, and i think female tail should be shortened a bit too :slight_smile: because right now it almost snaps to ground! Male representation now perfect!

Thanks! :sparkles: I updated my collection, made the female tail shorter, please let me know if that works for you

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Collection Approved!

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Awesome, thank you for the review and approval!!! :heartbeat: