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Meet48 Pink Breeze

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Pink Breeze Tiara

Pink Breeze Upper Body

Pink Breeze Lower Body

Pink Breeze Shoes

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


Pink Breeze Tiara: Wearables are not double sided in-game. Can you add some back geometry so it’s visible from both sides?

Pink Breeze Upper Body : Fix male representation, hips height is different than female.
Check hips skin weights, avoid disconnections from lowerbody.

Pink Breeze Lower Body: Fix male representation, check normals: geometry is visible from one side only right now, see images. Check hips skin weighs.

Pink Breeze Shoes: Good to go!

Let me know when you are done!

Thank you!we will update and upload as soon as possible!

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Hi @fabeeobreen, we have modified it, plz check. Hope it works this time!

Hello @BEAMStudio !

Pink Breeze Tiara : Good to go!

Pink Breeze Upper Body : check hips skin weights, see image

Pink Breeze Lower Body : much better, there are some weird deformations when character is moving. I would suggest to skin the hips mesh planes ( the ones closer to hips) to the hips bone, instead of legs.


@fabeeobreen modified and plz check

Hello @BEAMStudio

  • Please add some legs weights to the legs covering parts.
  • Still disconnections with lowerbody

If you want to preview colelction in game follow this video at (1:36)
You will now use goearli instead of ropsten test net @BEAMStudio

@fabeeobreen adjusted, plz re-check. Thank you.

Collection approved! @Dexin