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Meet48 Butterfly Fairy

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Butterfly Fairy Earring

Butterfly Fairy Upper Body

Butterfly Fairy Lower Body

Butterfly Fairy Shoes

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Hello! :slight_smile:

Butterfly Fairy Earring : Wearables are not double sided in-game. Can you add some back geometry so it’s visible from both sides?

Butterfly Fairy Upper Body: Fix male representation, hips height is different than female.
Check hips skin weights, avoid disconnections from lowerbody.

Butterfly Fairy Lower Body : Fix male representation. Add back geometry to the folding fan and the lower part of the skirt. Check hips skin weights, avoid disconnections from upperbody.

Butterfly Fairy Shoes : Good to go!

If you want to check your wearables in game follow this video (1:36):
Steps are the same but you will use goerli instead of ropsten network.

Let me @ know here when you are done!

Yes!we will update and upload as soon as possible!

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Hi @fabeeobreen
Re-uploaded and plz check.

Hello @BEAMStudio !
Butterfly Fairy Earring : good to go!

Butterfly Fairy Upper Body Rigging is ok! There is a darker area wheres upperbody connects to lowerbody. Do you want to leave it as it is? see image
Add back geo to the collar.

Butterfly Fairy Lower Body : check hips skin weights, still some disconnection from upperbody.
Paint some color or close the skirt to avoid nudity

@fabeeobreen adjusted, plz re-check. Thanks

Hello @BEAMStudio

I don’t see any changes

@fabeeobreen adjusted, plz re-check. Thanks

Hello @Dexin

Tech is good!
Just a question: do you want to get rid of the darker area on the hips texture, or is it part of desing and you would like to proceed as it is?

@fabeeobreen we updated it, please check!Thanks!

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Collection approved! @Dexin