Collection 'Meebits Merch - Summer 2022' created by Dolphin is ready for review!

Meebits Merch - Summer 2022

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Snoutz Tee - Black

Stylized Hoodie

Skull Tee

Flamingo Tee

Invader Tee - Black

Trucker Cap - Black

Snoutz Cap - Black

Heart Tee

CGA Shirt

Punk Tee

Elvis Glasses

Snoutz Hoodie - Black

hi iwill check this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Could you start by sending proof of right of use of the meebits IP to

Could you fill the gap between the head and cap?

Is this change needed only on this particular hat? I have made the updates and will pass along the new file(s)

I think that all issues have been fixed. Can you please approve the collection?

have you sent the email to legal?

Okay, I sent an email to legal. Yuga has announced that Meebit holders are being given commercial rights. I’m hoping that this is sufficient to approve this collection, which is intended as free giveaways to community members. Yuga Labs acquires CryptoPunks and Meebits and gives commercial … — Yuga Labs

i have received confirmation form the legal team. just need both of the caps to be fixed as theres some backfaces around the inner part under the peak still

Which hats does this issue occur on?

both of them have this issue

These issues have been corrected. Please review the hats and approve the collection if acceptable. Thanks!

This collection has been approved