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  • Please reduce materials and texture amount to 2/3 max
  • Update thumbnail: it must be png with transparent background 1024x1024
  • Check normals/vertex, avoid any see-though (see images)
  • Fix female representation (see images)
  • Please send IP usage proof for “McDonald” to

Let me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello, we are working on the optimization of the wearable.
Regarding the IP usage proof, could you specify what can of proof can I send you?

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You will need to provide to DCL legal team any document that gives you permission to use McDonald brand name and logo.

Ok thanks.
We have uploaded the wearable and thumbnail new versions.

Hello !
Male is good!
Check female hips: avoid clipping with lower body
Could you please make the thumbnail slightly smaller so that it’s centered and doesn’t go outside the borders?

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I have uploaded new versions.

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Hello !
Tech is good! Waiting for legal green light! I’ll keep you posted.

Hi thanks a lot for this good news.
We have sent an email to your legal department.

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Collection is approved!