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McCormick’s House of Flavor

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Crawdad Slides × McCormick

Metafoodie × McCormick

Flavor Drip Shorts x McCormick

Flavor Drip Shirt x McCormick

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The collection has been assigned to theankou


flavor drip shirt:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500-1650, 1900 is too much

Addressed all issues with hiding on head. The neck doesnt look like that on editor.

Reuploaded Shirt assets

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this issue needs to be fixed in-world (you can test wearables in world by going inside your collection → click three dots → see in-world)

Fixed the issue on everything

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I will check once again now, sorry for delay, looks like i missed notification

jajajaa. I MUST HAVE THESE :laughing:

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issue still there, please make sure to check models after update in-world, (go to collection, click three dots → see in-world)

OK, I finally fixed it! Thank you!! @theankou

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collection approved!

Thanks! It doesnt appear to say full approved in the builder area yet. Any idea on when that might happen?

i will check now probably a bug

re-approved collection, should be ok now

Worked! Thank you for everything

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