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MODA x mau5trap WAF Rave Stick

The collection has been assigned to Sango

hi this item is too large, 2.42m is the hight limit so please resize to conform with these limits.

please also send proof of rights to use mau5trap IP to


Hi. I’ve made it under the height limit now but it still doesn’t show up in world. Any suggestions?

did you “hide leaf bones” under the armature tab in the import settings?

I’m not seeing “hide leaf bones” anywhere. I’ve tried making it smaller, going to 1 texture and attaching it to a different bone. Not sure where I’m going wrong. All result the same. Looks fine in the preview but doesn’t show up in world.

could you send a screenshot of the armature?

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I actually got it working. Just waiting on the client now. Thanks! I’ll send a message soon.

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We should be all good for review now. We sent an email on Friday to legal. Thanks!

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This collection has been approved

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