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Maple Aura

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Maple Aura

  • Description: Beautiful Leaf
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: top_head

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hi i will review this now

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please reduce to 500 triangles and 2 textures/materials

also, it needs attaching to the armature

Im extremely new to blender. Im not exactly sure how to limit the triangles to 1500. can anyone help me with that?

do you have the base model within the wearble?

if so remove it and that will get rid of 4k

I got the materials down to 1, I attached it to the armature and it appears to be working nice. I just realized that the leaf I had made is 600 triangles per leaf and iv got 9. Might take me some time to figure out how to re-model the leaf with around 150-200 triangles per leaf. will keep you updated on when i get that fixed

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Materials have been limited to 1, triangles has now been limited to 1000, added it to the armature. Just making some final changes on it. Will be finished within the next 2 hours and I will let you know.

I have fixed everything, i ran into this problem 3 hours ago and still have no idea how to fix this, does anyone have any tips?

use an alpha on a plane, then you can reduce it to 2 tris per leaf

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I DID IT!!! down to 18 triangles, working good with armature, 1 material. It should be good to go now.

done I believe

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good job, this collection has been approved!

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Thank you very much for the help, I need every bit I can get

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