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Mannequin club

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hello buddies please review,so if there has to be any changes to make in the design i can do it earlier. @michi @Lauretta @HirotoKai

Thanks @metaman I’ll review this~

Really unique design!
Just a few changes before I can approve~

Currently the upper and lower body look seperate. If you can just make sure it’s all joined as one object (base mash is usually split up). Notice on the wrist and waist theres a gap

Theres a sneaky little hole on the leg also haha

Also it seems you’ve only used the male base mesh for both gender, maybe you can also update with a female silhouette?

Let me know when it’s all updated my friend and I’ll re-review~

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Done with the correction !! please check now @michi

Hello @metaman , I’ve noticed you removed female all together. Is that intentional?
If you can also update to have hides: helmet then it’s good for approval~

Talk soon!

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yes i intentionally remove female version.All done with the changes!!have a look !!

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We want peace! All approved, thank you~