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Mammoth Beard Horns 2022

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Mammoth Beard Horns




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Gran puesta en escena, Magnifico trabajo de nuestro compañero. Habrá q comprar varios de esa rareza.

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Please reduce the emission a bit and ill approve asap!

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Ready! -30%emission now @Yannakis

Collectionn approved!

It seems that changing the brightness has eliminated the photo with my logo that I had uploaded for preview, can you approve it please? @Yannakis

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let me know if its good now

it appears in the builder as updated with the logo, but in the marketplace it does not appear @Yannakis

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Takes some time… Push a small change if you want like a tag so i can manually update

I just deleted 1 tag, let’s see if the logo now appears in the marketplace ;D @Yannakis

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Approved the change!