Collection 'Magical Girl Vibes' created by DokiDCL#2db2 is ready for review!

i need this in my life!

i will gift this for my next virtual wife

Hopefully soon it will be!

I wish you good luck finding her OvO

So beautiful hair!:smiley:

Thank you! Hopefully it’ll go with a beautiful beard ;;; )


Hi @Lauretta I was wondering if it’d be possible to get update on this wearable as it’s been a while. I appreciate you reading this, thank you for your time!

Looks great, approving now :+1:

Edit: there’s some issues with the builder atm, so i cannot approve, but will try again later

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Hey, no i think it’s a temporary issue with the builder not the wearable

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Hi, it seemed to be an issue with my UV texturing, I’ve sorted it now OvO