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Lynex Hat

Lynex Shirt

Lynex Shirt

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Hello! Will check this now

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Please provide IP permission for Lynex to
  • Lynex Hat : Item is working good, could you close the hole in the back part? (wearables are not double sided in game, see image)
  • Lynex Shirt : You can upload in the same wearable slot male + female. Right now you are using 2 wearables slots with the same item. You should combine male/female in “Lynex shirt” and use the 3rd slot for a new design. (check hips skin weight, there is a little disconnection happening when character is moving)

Thanks Fabeeeo, Will get on to it straight away

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IP Permissions emailed, Will look into item issues now.

Hi @fabeeobreen ,

Unfortunately, I can’t get hold of the artist to sort the hat, have swapped it for a hoody and added 2 different TShirt models if you could please review.

Hello @Decentriq !
For the hat: you can select the faces around the hole > mesh > duplicate > click > (with the same selected faces) > mesh > normals > flip.

  • If you want to keep the hoodie, this is working fine. Just make sure to remove hands from 3D model and close the bottom part to avoid any see through. (see image)
  • T shirts are working good!

Hi @fabeeobreen

Hat reuploaded and should be sorted now :slight_smile:

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Hello @Decentriq !
All good!
Just waiting for legal’s green light before proceeding with approval :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted

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Hi @fabeeobreen,

Is it possible you could please chase this up, unfortunately, we have already missed the event we needed the wearables for.

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Hello @Decentriq
You should have received a reply email from legal team asking for more infos, please let me know if that’s not the case

Hi, Yes I replied to it as requested over the weekend, I’ll resend the email in case.

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