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Lumberjack Hat

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Lumberjack Hat

The collection has been assigned to theankou

all good, but add this category to hiding list:

  • tiara
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Hey @theankou thanks for the speedy review! Think its okay to leave Tiara since most wearables in that collection are random like our Shields and most market wings etc?

It’s not okay, because as you know, we ask publishers to add additional tiara model that will match tiara category :slight_smile:

So your hat will have overlapping issues with some of tiaras, which is not good

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Tiara is supposed to be area between half face mask and hat so that shouldn’t be the case but okay its updated. Ty! :smiling_face:

Collection approved!
This is how classic tiara looks:

Usually it goes above hair or on forehead

In your case hat absolutely covers hair and forehead area, which is the reason why tiara category should be hidden