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Lost Eden of Tomorrow

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Glasses Blue Eden Lost W90

Will check these now!

Could you reduce the tris count to 500 since this is an accessory?

Done. Please take a look. Thanks!

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This part is invisible on both sides

Repaired. Please check again.

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Hello, could you check my item now. Thanks.

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Approved! Thank you for making all the changes!

Thank you so much! I appreciate.

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Name changed. Add list number. Need review again. Please approve.

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Hello, could you please check my item. It needs review.


Changes approved @Tim1

Hello, thank you but I lost all of it including the collection and the item in my build.
This page is empty now.

Could you please check what’s going on there.

Try refreshing or clearing cache. If its still the same let me know!

Good now. Thanks very much!

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Hello, the name is changed. Please approve. Thanks

Hello Yannakis, the name changed, pls approve

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Approved the changes!

Thanks so much! I appreciate.

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