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LimeWire MVMF22

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**LimeWire Hoodie **

LimeWire Chain

Soulja Boy Sunglasses

LimeWire Sneaker

Soulja Boy Sneaker

A$AP Sneaker

Soulja Boy Skin

Soulja Boy “Crank That” Emote

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Emote is wrong oriented:

do you have IP rights for superman logo?
do you have IP rights for using Soulja name?
do you have IP rights for using LimeWire logo and name?

please provide all ip rights to team

skin: add this categories to hiding list

  • eyewear
  • mask
  • tiara
  • earring
  • hat
  • helmet

chain: add additional small earrings to match earring category

tag me @theankou (otherwise i won’t get notification about new message) when you do all changes, thank you!

Hi! Collection is approved, however, changes and fixes that i wrote above needs to be done, let me know when you will push changes, so i will be able to re-approve collection! If collection won’t be updated in a couple of days, then i will need to disable it…

Hey @theankou we made all the changes and submitted them! Thank you!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @Yasha there is something wrong with head, when i use emote

A damn, can we publish the rest of the wearables? We need to start promoting them @theankou

Emote should be fixed @theankou

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thank you, i will approve now

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hey @Yasha emote now have wrong alignment, when animation stops my character looks like that

this is emote issue, that needs to be fixed, however, collection is re-approved, but please, push fix as soon as possible