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Level Shoes x Lanvin

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Phygital Curb Sneaker

hi can you go into the builder on this collection the nit will get auto pushed to the curators page

Hi! I am in the Builder. Is there anything specific I should to get it pushed? Thank you

try reuploading the model make sure you stay on the page afterwards for a few minutes

Done, let me know if it worked! Thanks

still not showing, try adding a tag see if that helps

The collection has been assigned to Sango

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perfect, that worked :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you. Btw, I think we spoke via Discord the other day :wink:

ah sweet, model is looking good! just need you to send proof of IP rights to then i can approve

What information do you need? I am providing this on behalf of the client

an email from the company stating that it is fine for this item to be produced will be great

Done. Let me know if you need anything else! Thank you

This collection has been approved

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