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Leopard fur coat

The collection has been assigned to Sango

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@Sango can we request that this item be subject to a redesign? I’ve spoke with several community members regarding this publication and there is a good deal of frustration regarding how similar it is to a previous Legendary item that was published by this creator.


Also please take note of this similar submission (from a different creator) which was rejected:

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Hi, the legendary item is almost sold out, so I decided to release the same item but without a chain

I can change the design if needed


Yes they are similar but one has the necklace and the other doesnt, doing as it is the original designer and there is a change in it i accepted it.

Regarding the link you posted, that was rejected because they used a model that wasnt theres and just retextured it i believe.

@khartov1 If you want to change it you can, maybe change the colour of the shirt to make more difference

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