Collection 'Legendary Weed Suit' created by kandygirl is ready for review!

Legendary Weed Suit

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Legendary Weed Track Suit

Legendary Weed Bucket Hat


Looks dope! Can’t wait to see it in game!

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Kandygirl! This is a must as a stoner!

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AS A DISPENSARY WORKER…. I think this is my new work outfit I’m going to buy a weed suit and hope they don’t fire for wearing it!

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Oh I love this! It’ll look so dope!

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I love this brotha! Hella cool! i wanna wear this.

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Very Nice :slight_smile:
Needs gummies sprinkled in along with the weed

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These made from the Purps? BOSS!

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Damn, very nice design. Great addition to DCL

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DCL needs for fresh wearables like these.

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thanks for your patience I will review these items today!

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hello there! the collection looks dope however there are several thing to fix before approving it

  • in the track suit you neew to hide just the lower body, nor replace but hide

  • on the bucket hat, since it’s a hat you shoul add the hair to the wearable in order to avoid issues with the decentraland hair

  • Finally on the hat in the overrides you shall replace the helmet category and hide the hair category

Once you do that let me know and I will review this wearable again

Cheers! KandyGirl

I didn’t want to add hair because not everyone has the same type of hair. I have replaced the hair category and added the helmet category

done also please check this one I’d like to get them approved at the same time Collection 'Rare Weed Suit' created by kandygirl is ready for review!

Dope vibes! Im DEF getting one of these

Waiting to try these on with long chains and weed hat to try on!!! It would be Epic!!!

looks great!!! love your collection

Thanks a lot I will review it again today

Thank you. I really appreciate it

@KandyGirl420 this collection it’s approved, I will have a look to the other you commented about in the thread