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LBank Exoskeleton

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Hello wil check this now

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello hello!

  • You can create, in a single item, male + female representations.
    The wearable shown in game will be the type/gender of the player wearing it.
    This choice is up to you: you either keep the collection as it is (having male and female separatelly) or you merge male+female in one of the 2 item (using a single wearable for both representations) and you use the second item slot to create a different wearable.

  • Hide lowerbody,hands, shoes. Add overrides:
    Base Body: hands
    Wearable : lowerbody, shoes , handwear

  • Update thumbnail: this must have background transparency, use PNG format

Let @me know here when you are done and if you need further support

Hello @fabeeobreen

I merged the male/female versions in first slot (name LBank Exoskeleton).
Can we delete slot 2? I only have this one wearable to publish… and if there is a way to get refund for it would be great, because I apparently paid for 2 slots when I only needed one.


We are not using any custom thumbnails. This one was auto generated I believe. Am I wrong?


Hello @arrival_so !

  • LBank Exoskeleton is now working good. By updating your item a new thumbnail is been autogenerated and it’s now correct. Before you had the same image but for some reason it was a jpg file (without transparency)
  • Yes you paid for a collection made of 2 items: it is not possible to delete or get a refund for second item. I suggest to create another wearable and use that slot for a new creation. There is no rush, you can do that anytime and let me know when you are ready for review.


Well the problem is I’m in rush to get this to Decentraland, my company needs these wearables to be available on marketplace asap for the upcoming event.
Can it be published without the 2nd slot somehow? like if you approve first but deny 2nd… or maybe there can be same items in both slots?
Please suggest what works best.


I can’t reject a single item, the entire collection is approved or rejected.
Maybe you can add the same wearable with a different color/rarity if that makes sense, I think this would be the quickest way @arrival_so


Oh I see.

It does not let me edit the rarity, or to delete it to add back…
I have made them exactly the same, including overrides.
Can this version be approved?
If not, what if I make 2nd slot item not free? it allows me to change pricing

Hey @arrival_so !
You should add some difference between the 2 wearable.
You are right, you can’t change rarity, but of course you will be able to set 2 different prices for collection’s items: prices can be updated at any time.

Hi @fabeeobreen, thank you, I’ve updated the price on the second item.
Let me know if there is anything else needed to be changed.

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Wearables are still identical: please avoid having a collection with 2 wearable looking the same and having the same name. A color change would be enough if you plan to keep the exact same geometry @arrival_so

Hi @fabeeobreen,

I’ve uploaded different wearable in slot 2. Please let me know if there are any changes to be done.


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Hello @arrival_so !
Item is working good but you have to fix male representation: avoid disconnections from lowerbody.
Right now female is working good, check male hips height (see image)

Hi @fabeeobreen ,

Should be fixed now.


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Collection is approved! @arrival_so

Thanks @fabeeobreen

I published it on marketplace but made a typo… sent a request to approve the change. Sorry!

Sure thing @arrival_so, before that can you please remove hands from Conflux Rubick model so the wearable has full compatibility with the new handwear category?

do you mean to add hands to overrides? or to edit the 3d model

You can add hands to override if you prefer your wearable not compatible with handwear. I suggest to edit the 3D model: just delete the hands geo and export glb again. This will ensure full compatibility with handswear