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Lazy Stuff

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Lazy Glasses

Lazy Pants

hi i will review this now

are you okay with there not being a female representation for the trousers?

it looks like you have the normals inverted on the glasses


to fix this go to edit mode in blender, press ctrl+a to select all then go to mesh>normals>flip

you can use this option to see which was your normals are facing for future reference with “Face Orientation”

Done! Thanks for the help with normals.

About the female representation…I haven’t created the model for the female avatar yet.
I just need to adjust the waist?

sorry. second try. now i think its done

yes the waist is at a different point for the female version. shall i wait for you to get this done?

yes, give me a few minutes to try to solve that

how can i add the female representation?
i read the wearable user guide. but i think i cant add a new item in the collection now
ok. i find the way to do it. sorry for my confusion. i think its done

this collection has been approved