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Laying Down Test

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**Decentralman by Canessa **

I submitted this with the wrong collection name, I think I know the answer already but is there any way to change it? Thanks!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey! Unfortunately, there is no way to change collection name after publication.


That’s what I thought! Oh well! Thank you!

As of the emote:

  1. Consider finetuning the anim so that feet don’t clip through the ground.

  2. Consider making the legs “pinned” to the ground, atm the weirdly float along with the root bone.

  3. Make the emote preview in the thumbnail actually fit into the thumbnail frame.


Thanks Andreus, I’ll do these things. Any chance you could tell me how to pin the legs to the ground? The floaty effect happened when I extended the legs, and I’m not sure how to re-anchor them. :slight_smile:

Hey @Canessa I’m not sure how that called in blender, but in 3ds max you can use constraints to constraint any bone to any another objects to avoid its movement, so maybe in blender exists something similar? (Position, Rotation constraint)

Thank you theankou! Since I messed up on the name, would it be possible for me to just change the entire file to a new emote with the avatar laying down, so that it matches the title? This one just doesn’t describe the emote :slight_smile: Thanks!

Edit: I updated a new emote that matches the name. Hopefully this will work :slight_smile:

Hey, collection approved!

Thank you Andreus! Have a great day!

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