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Laser Eyes


Hey there! Please adjust the thumbnail so it has a fully transparent background in .png format. You might want to change the category from “mask” to “eyewear”, everything else is working well in world.


Thank you for the feedback. I have adjusted the thumbnail as required. Regarding the item slot, I debated both but categories but like the way it looks with eyewear so wanted to keep it in the mask category if that is okay.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 10.11.30 AM

i would like people to be able to wear the laser eyes with glasses like this

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i think they look good with all stock eyewear.

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You make a fair point! Thanks for adjusting the thumbnail, wearable approved.

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Thank you, Kat!! I am so excited to have these published!

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Hi Kat,
These have stopped appearing as expected in game. When i test them now they seem invisible. Maybe a change in how dcl renders emissive textures? i would like to edit these to fix them unless it is just a local glitch on my end but i tested it over a couple days using a couple browsers, so i dunno. please let me know.

This is happening to wearables across the board. We cannot be expected to update on our end after people have made purchases. This needs to be addressed by the Unity team and resolved. It seems they are starting to narrow it down though Some wearables with emissive / alpha blend are not working · Issue #1006 · decentraland/unity-renderer ( @BigTime