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LASC Wearable Drop 1

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LASC DJ Helmet

Hey, gonna reviwe this now.

  1. Consider changing category to “Helmet”.

  2. Consider adjusting the bottom edge loop of the model, so that it attaches seamlessly with the avatar’s head.

Otherwise it’s good to go. Cheers!

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Thank you, AndreusAs!!

Incredibly fast coming around for review this time Thank you!

We are considering how we want the aesthetic to look overall (whether we want this to look like an item worn over the avatar’s face or in place of - I’m more a fan of over, sometimes leaving the seam)

Does good-to-go mean approved? I’d like to get this to eligible users as soon as possible.

Those two points I metioned are the fixes to be applied before approval :slight_smile: Also, looks like I did a mistake and wrote “head” insted of “body” here, sorry for that:

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Awesome. Both Items have been actioned!

Please note that the white is a function of that item - It is not visible skin, noted here (difference between hands and neck seam tells me this is supposed to be a visible white t-shirt - does not appear on any other upper body option).

Hey, collection approved!

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Thank you! :boom: :boom: Will be uploading another collection today!

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