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Kuble Wings


Hi dear community! I’m exited to be here :slight_smile:
Since it is the first time publishing an wearable, i was wondering if there is a time estimate how long this process can take?


According to the Discord about 4 days, I just published myself for the first time. I tried to check out your items but it does not appear when you enable it. Can you see it on your end in the editor?

This is all I see.

Hi Danny
Thank you! I can see it in the builder just fine.

I think you have to change from hide to replace in the editor. might be a bug in the editor?

beautiful wings!!! Also, the builder works from my end

Is it intended to hide the lower body?

No, it should hide the upper body. i’ll try to change it.

changed it! thanks for the hint!


Hey, currently it’s hiding upper_body, this is not necessary because when it’s categorized as upper_body replaces the previous upper body when worn. So right now it is hiding itself, which is why it’s not visible currently. So you need to turn it off


done! thanks, we missunderstood the feature.

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Hey, they look awesome. But they might be a tad too big, im not quite sure. We have recently imposed a limit of 2.4m width / height on wearables. So can you double check in your modeling software that they are within the 2.4m limit? See reference image below:

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Thanks! Yes, they where to big in deed! We just updatet, hope they are ok now!

Thanks! We modified it accordingly.

Okay, approved it now :+1:

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Kuble Congrats!!! I cant wait to look holy with my wings <3