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KnownOrigin X Stephy Fung

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KnownOrigin X Stephy Fung Jacket

Will check this item now!

Having an issue with curation tab. Will check and review as soon as it works!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Theres a weighting issue with the item. Make sure the armature doesnt have any “_end” bones
Also make sure that the thumbnail background is transparent.

Hey @Yannakis

Thanks for reviewing this.

We’ve just made the necessary changes now.


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make sure to weight these areas to the according leg bones so that the legs dont clip through

Thanks @Yannakis this has been updated.

Hey, still got the same issue and also clipping in hips area

Hey @Yannakis , Jake here the artist for this wearable. just got made a collaborator so I’ve updated the 3D model, the latest version should be fixed, not getting these clipping issues any more in preview, let me know how it looks your end

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Just some clipping with the scarf and the torso

hi @Yannakis this one is confusing to me as I cannot see this error on my end, it seems to have split the model for the scarf somehow. is there some emote or something in which this happens?

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You can click “see in world” at top of collection page and view it in game. lmk if you need more help finding it

ah sweet, it looks like the normals are inside out, take it backface culling is off in the preview but not in world? I’ll fix this now

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Ahh perfect! Lmk when u update!

yeah updated and seems to have fixed it. if you spot anything else let me know!

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Collection approved!

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