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Jiaoyou by KINGWEN & DigiFun

Jiaoyou by KINGWEN &DigiFun

Liniang skin by KINGWEN& DigiFun

Hey, gonna review this now.

  1. Body clips through cloth on this one during some animations. Check the attached screens. Can be reproduced by playing falling, walking, running, dancing animations, for example:

  1. Lots of hairstyles clip through this wearable. You might want to add a hairstyle as part of the wearable and update the “Hides” category.


Hi @AndreusAs

It’s all been revised,pls check and approve.


  1. Looks like some normals here are flipped and the material is not double-sided.

  2. The rigging on the Liniang skin is mush better, but there still quite serious issues during dance animation, for example. Plese, fine tune a little bit more.


Hi @AndreusAs

The New version is already upload,pls check~

  1. There is an incosistency between avatar’s skin color and the wearble’s parts of body skin color. In order to properly recieve body skin color, that is set in the editor by user, all the parts of wearble, that use AvatarSkin material, must be white.

  1. There still seem to be clipping issues of the Liniang skin, especially during dance animation. You might want to completely delete all the parts of the avatar body, that are hidden by the dress and are not visible too much.

@AndreusAs This part has been modified, please check it. Looking forward to your reply.


The first issue resolved.

The second is still not. Lots of clipping issues during animations. I still recommend deleting all the parts of avatar skin, that are not visible due to cloth.


Hi @AndreusAs , the second skin’s new version has been upload. pls check, and looking forward to hearing u soon.

Hey, it’s ok from fronatal view, there still is some clipping on the back side of the wearable during some anims. Can be fixed exactly the same way.

You might also want to use double sided-shader to avoid some see-through issues like here:


@AndreusAs , new version has been upload pls check. If anything need to fix pls feel free let me know. Looking forward to hearing u soon.:heartpulse:

Hey, collection approved!