Collection 'Ket and Chic by Doodverse' created by 1010 is ready for review!

Ket and Chic by Doodverse

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K&C Neon Hoodie

K&C Neon Pants

hi ill take a look at this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Ok thanks! Please let me know if you need anything ^^

models are fine, could you send proof of rights to use the doodverse IP to then i can get the collection approved

Have just submitted.

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thank you i will approve it once the legal team have received it

Hi have u heard back from legal yet?

not yet, it will most likely be on monday

Ok thanks for the update

Hi sorry to bother u again. Any update so far?

not yet, i have pinged them to chase them up for you

Ok thanks! Looking forward to getting my first wearables out!

Hi Sango, is there any updates? thanks

hi ive still not heard from legal, so i have sent them another message

I’ve just sent them another similar in case they missed it