Collection 'KAZUTO Drip Maxx M-1' created by ParzivalKazuto#90af is ready for review!

KAZUTO Drip Maxx M-1

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KAZUTO Drip Maxx M-1


The final release for my KAZUTO Drip Maxx collection:
Neon Nightz
Ultra Violetz
Moon Beamz
These (M-1)

Hi! Checking collection now!

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  • limit is 2 materials 2 textures
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Did this change as of recent? All of my other shoes in this collection that have been approved already have the same number of materials and textures. Don’t know how to change that without compromising how I’ve designed this collection.

Or I don’t know if changing that will compromise the design or not I should say.

Limits are listed in docs, please follow them, thank you!

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How would I go about getting that number down?? because I’m not even using that many materials or textures unless it’s counting them from each shoe. each shoe only has 2 materials and 1 texture each

@theankou just so you can see, idk if the builder is reading something wrong but here are screen shots

Blender: (1 texture, 2 materials)
Screenshot 2022-04-16 145243

Builder: (2 textures, 3 materials???)
Screenshot 2022-04-16 145330

@theankou fixed

Screenshot 2022-04-16 161102


collection approved!

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Thanks! S/O to @Yannakis for the helping fix the issue

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