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Kawaii SKULL Hoodie White

Kawaii SKULL Hoodie Black

Kawaii SKULL Boots

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Hoodies : Update female representation > clipping with lowebody. Male version rig is fine, just check and fix neck’s skin weights (see first pump animation)

  • Could you reduce material and texture number to 2?

  • Shoes : Tech is good!

  • Please update thumbnails for each piece: 512x512 or 1024x1024 px PNG with transparent background

Let me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

ok, we will fix those, but

Could you reduce material and texture number to 2?

We have been submitting that same design pattern with same number of material sometimes, and receive accepted. Only this time we need to fix it?

Thank you for checking!

Rule is: max 2 mate and 2 texture. This is sometimes allowed when creators have issue combining atlas and shaders materials with skin mat.
In your case you are using 2 material for the hoodie, while you could combine them in the same atlas and use 1 material (hoodie) + 1 material (skin).

Let me know if you have problem fitting within the 2 material and texure limits.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen We all fixed please check again🙇‍♂️

Hello @VARBARIAN ! :slight_smile:
Rigging is fine, only issue:

  • You want to assign skin_MAT to the hands part: right now the hands color is not updating when chaning overall skin color

yes we know, it was the only way to follow your regulation. Thank you🙏

You need to have the skin mat on the skin geo parts, please reassign it:
We can approve 2 mat + 1 skin mat, if you can’t combine your materials.
Assign back the skin mat and it’s good to go :slight_smile: Let me know when you are done!

What i meant with the message above was:
You can combine material properties within the same material/shader by making a graph like that:


Thank you for the recommendation, but our designer told me that the method you indicated did not work this time.

However, we have made changes to the data, so please check again.
If it is OK here, this is good.
If it needs to be modified, we will try to modify the data again.


@fabeeobreen Ok, we fixed datas please check again. thank you

@VARBARIAN collection approved!