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Kandy Bucks Vip Room Access

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Kandy Bucks Aura VIP Room Access


@Lauretta This should be good to go as it follows the same exact concept as nikki’s other auras. Thank you

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Love these auras!! Great job!

@KandyGirl420 kandygirl made awesome asset just wait the vip

hello there @KandyGirl420 as you say the wearable it’s ready to go, however before doing that can you confirm that the thumbnail its a transparent png,

Yes it a transparent png

@KandyGirl420 are you sure the thumbnail is transparent? it seems that is not

If you right click it it even says png it’s white because I’m minting 100,000 of them

downloaded the image and it’s not transparent

compare to this one

this is the image:

please change to approve

Sorry about that. You were right it was a png but not transparent I located the other file and it’s fixed now. Thank you

hey @KandyGirl420 @Shibu I have seem the changes and approved the wearables

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