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Kaloscope Hoodies

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Kaloscope Diamond Hoodie

Kaloscope Blue Hoodie

Kaloscope Gold Hoodie

Hello! Checking this now !

Some issue to be fixed before approvation:

Hi there,

Thank you, I’ve just seen this forum, we will ask our design team to make changes asap. Thank you

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Hi there,

We have just updated the files now. Can we please check on this?

Thank you

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Hello @Kaloscope

  • Please reduce 50% the emissive intensity of the white hoodie.
  • Please use max 2 texture and 2 material per wearable
  • Much better but there are still issues with the hips for both genders:
    You want to avoid any disconnection with the upper body when the player is moving.

Hi, I have a doubt about the textures and materials, It has 2 materials and 2 textures, the thing is that the material of the hoodie also has the color and the lighting (due to the Decentraland parameters I followed) but Decentraland counts them as 2 different textures (light and color) so in the end It’s 2 materials and 3 textures (but they’re really just 2 materials and 2 textures), the only way is removing 1 texture but everything is necessary so I think there’s nothing to do with that, but If there’s a solution please let me know.

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Hello @FocusArtworks !
Ok i saw you are using 2 + skin mat, you can keep it as it is.

  • check the hips clipping for the female representation
  • reduce the emission power for the white one
  • check neck skinning: you have some clipping over there with animations

If you need to see your wearables in the test world you can do that by switching to ropsten network:
This video from 1:38 Decentraland: How to Submit Wearables to the DCL Forum for Approval - YouTube

Hi there, we just submited an updated version for approval. Can you please check this?

Hello @Kaloscope !
Much way better rig good job!
Just some clipping on the female hips when player is moving. Check hips skinning for the female.
Also please slighty reduce the glow on the white one, it is yet too powerfull and your graphics are not even visible.

Hi there,

We’ve just changed it now on the white one? can you check?

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Hello @Kaloscope
All good, please update the Kaloscope Gold Hoodie thumbnail to match the ingame look and it s good to go :slight_smile:

Hi there, can you check if our collection is ok now please?

Thank you

Hey @Kaloscope
Please update the Kaloscope Gold Hoodie thumbnail to match the ingame look

Hi there,

can you please check if this works now?


Hi there,

Can you please check on this now? Thank you

@Kaloscope collection approved!