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Hello! Taking a look now!:slight_smile:

Hello again! I see we have a few things we need to touch up before this can be apporved!

  1. The triangle count on the Guitar and the Unicorn Hat are over the limits for submitting currently! We only allow 1500 Tris for upper body and 750 for Accessories! Yours are currently way above that so we will need to have you bring them down a bit!

  2. I have noticed some clipping issues on the dress and the lower part seems to not be connected to the waist part! Also here and there you can see holes in the mesh. Also I notice for the dress we don’t have a male representation for this so please make that and add that as well!

  3. Some of the thumbnails are dark and need to be brighten up to feature what the wearable looks like in the game! I believe this is only with the dress one!
    Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 12.31.03 PM

Once these are done please @ me here again and I will take another look!:slight_smile:

Hello… @HirotoKai
We already update all wearables…
But we have a Event tomorrow can you push these collection…

Thank you

taking another look right now!!:slight_smile:

Im still getting quite a few clipping issues ive attached some photos to help! it seems on the female verison the bottom/middle of the dress is clipping on the pants! also i have noticed that the necklace is most likely paired to the neck and head bones where it should only be paired to the head bone so it move without the spine!
Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 6.16.43 PM

@HirotoKai Hello
I upload the Dress… We are going to use these items for only 1 events.
The Singers want this dress and items. And our Event is today after 6 hours :slight_smile: Can we use these items?
Thnx for your help

Hey @HirotoKai are u there ?
Coz we need to aprove these items… Ok we dont need dress, but we need guitar and the hair…

Can we cancel the items please?

Hello sorry for the late response but we can not cancel individual Items in a collection unfortunatly! you would need to either change the item to a new wearable or fix the dress to work around the character.

We already fix the dress. If you can approve i can mint all of them…

Unfortunately I cannot approve yet because we are still getting some clipping issues with the dress. The arms are clipping as shown in the screenshot, once this is fixed Ping me here again and will take another look!

Sorry for delay.
Ok we dont want the dress.
Can you accept the others please?

Hello sorry but we can not accept individual items we can only accept the whole collection so you will need to add another item in place of it