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JDOTF – Face Mask Tee

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JDOTF / Shirt Mask

hi i will review this now

hi could you send proof of JDOTF IP usage to

there are also some backfacing normals which will need fixing

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi I am not sure what you mean about IP confirmation .

I am the creator or this :slight_smile:

I also dont know exactly what you mean with backfacing – thank you for your help!


How can I confirm this for you?

The back of the faces of the mesh render as see-through in game as you can see in the image

You can email and let them know you are the creator of JDOTF if that is the case and reference this collection

I emailed them ∞ and I am checking the backfacing issues… A side question can I add items to a collection after it is published?`

thank you, i will let you know once i hear from the legal team.

No, items cannot be added to a collection once it is published

ok thank you very much!

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ive heard back from legal and they are happy. let me know once the normals have been sorted and i will re-review your collection

I updated the file.


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few clipping issues when using the /emote headexplode

… I dont know how to fix this…

Can you help me… I am not sure what to do.

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you need to change the weighting so that the part round the chin and back of neck are 100% effect, and only effect by the head bone

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I updated the file :slight_smile:

This collection has been approved :slight_smile: